What’s Trending in Mobile App Development This Year


Mobile Applications are dominating the digital space. With approximately 180 billion apps downloaded each year on a surplus of 1 billion mobile devices, it’s no wonder Fortune 500 companies are leaping to invest in the excitement of mobile apps. 2019 will bring on a wave of innovations and below, are some of the key products and services we foresee as playing major roles in their development.  

Adastra Mobile App Development

AI & Machine Learning

Businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to improve their smart machines and enhance their digital capabilities. Taking their mobile app solutions from great to superior, AI and ML allow for consumers to experience more personalized and highly intuitive functionalities, first hand. Facial and voice recognition, text translation and pattern recognition, are all examples of AI implementation on mobile devices. In 2019, AI will continue to join other technological services to augment their digital competencies, creating unique products and helpful tools for various lines of business.


The Internet of Things (IoT) enables inanimate objects to perform tasks using digital capabilities and is the perfect service to simplify our every day with a boost. IoT is growing at an unimaginable rate, creating enormous buzz around the benefits of its technology. Mobile GPS applications are a perfect example of how IoT has transformed the way we facilitate our transportation. The stress of commuting can seem unbearable, however, mobile GPS apps have allowed us to overcome these challenges with peace of mind. Similarly, Adastra has created an AR navigation app, which assists users to navigate within indoor spaces! The app has proved to be time-saving and serves as a handheld virtual map to the user’s destination. 2019 will improve and diversify IoT throughout various industries, from retail and education to hospitality and various corporations. Adastra is leveraging IoT to deformalize and self-direct the guest signing in process, to remove receptionists’ mundane tasks. With our digital receptionist application, visitors sign in through the organization’s network, which then alerts the host of their arrival; a revolutionary alternative to an easier process!

AR & VR Technology

Augmented and virtual reality has boomed in the technological space and has given us a taste through the gaming, social media and entertainment industries. However, AR and VR are not so limited. This year will exemplify the extension of their capabilities to industries like retail, medical, e-commerce and even military and defense training. These technological services are highly anticipated to improve the how industries perform. As previously mentioned, Adastra created an AR navigation app and in addition, an AR scanning app! This app allows users of an organization to scan multiple barcodes of products simultaneously for inventory, to acquire information on price, stock, and more. Employees no longer need to burden themselves in search of products, with piles of wasted paper. Companies are thrilled with the increase in productivity and accuracy of inventory.

Wearable Devices

Technology and fashion have collaborated to create an array of customizable products that we can wear. Smartwatches and fitness trackers are today’s most popular accessories. These gadgets help track health and wellness patterns, from physical activity to dietary requirements and sleeping habits. The highly popular wearable devices have transformed the way we conduct our lifestyle, prompting a healthier and successful outlook on our day-to-day.


Companies are using Chatbots as a form of digitizing customer service on their websites. In 2019, Chatbots will conquer digital, with their savvy, intuitive and interactive capabilities, on mobile applications. AI has enabled seamless integration of Chatbots within apps, which will assist in enhancing organizations’ customer relationships. Moving forward from in-person and over the phone experiences, mobile applications will offer consumers a simplified way of conducting transactions and receiving help with any questions or concerns they may have. This year will focus on the many other ways Chatbots can lend their assistance, modifying and enhancing them to provide more versatility.

Just like you, we’re ecstatic at the prospects of exciting new innovations in mobile app developments. You might have a mountain of great ideas, but without the right expertise and steps for implementation, there’s no opportunity to bring those ideas to life. Allow us to transform your innovative ideas into unforgettable mobile experiences.

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