Revolutionizing Retail with Mobile Apps

Using mobile apps to ease your shopping experience.

Retail mobile applications offer a versatile and convenient way to shop. For one, they provide regular updates about sales. On a frequent basis you’ll receive push notifications advising you of exciting, limited time discounts. If you’ve opted out of these messages, you can still visit the retailer’s app to find out the latest deals.

What’s so great about them?

The retail business is becoming increasingly competitive. In previous decades, competition was driven by the types of products/services offered, the quantity, and the rate of frequency new ones were introduced to the market. Now retailers have a new focus. The method of product and service delivery is so essential to a business, that it practically determines sales. How efficiently can retailers sell items, so consumers can take advantage of the purchase experience in the most seamless way? After observing the shift in traditional buying and selling, e-commerce has provided retailers with the perfect opportunity to market their products online. Companies have taken online selling even further by introducing mobile applications to assist consumers in an incredible holistic shopping experience.

You can search for products beforehand or even inside the vicinity, to ensure availability and confirm the correct in-store pricing.

Reviews are another reason to use retail apps. If you’re looking to make a purchase or utilize a service, but you’re unsure of its reputability, you can confirm details through the retailer’s ratings on the app. Learn the pros and cons ahead of time and save yourself from disappointment.

Shopping on the go is a great pastime especially for commuters. Instead of stressing about the lack of time you have after work, tap into your mobile app on the go to your next destination and experience the luxury of saving time.

Adastra’s apps

Along with the main shopping apps, Adastra has developed its own line of applications, designed for Android and iOS, benefitting both consumers and retailers. These apps demonstrate how the shopping experience can be enhanced through the use of augmented reality.

Adastra’s AR Scanner App

The mobile AR Scanner App, allows consumers to scan the barcode of products, telling them if they are in stock, how many remain, price of the product, and the quantity within the packaging itself. The app is a quick, self-help way to acquire information about the desired item, without looking through shelves and waiting for store representatives. It is a simple solution to the annoying process of endless searching.

Adastra’s AR Navigation App

Another app we’ve recently launched is our AR Navigation App. It’s a proven fact that we can, just as easily get lost inside a building as we can outside of one. Our navigation app alleviates the stresses of searching for mall maps or waving down an employee for assistance. It’s perfect for directing consumers to or from inside of their destination.

Adastra’s Loyalty App

Finally, Adastra’s Loyalty App is the optimal app for combining your reward cards in one location. We know how frustrating it is, when the cashier asks for your points card, and you don’t have it. Or perhaps you do have it but are unable to locate it. Fumbling around your wallet and purse to find it wastes your time, the cashier’s time and the time of the people lined up behind you. With our loyalty app, virtually store your cards onto your mobile device, so you can simply pull up the app and select the retailer’s card. What’s more, you can search retailers’ locations, obtain hours of operation and rates of traffic, and learn about store events to take advantage of exclusive offers.

Retail is heading in a new direction. With online merchants driving success, physical businesses are desperately adapting to play catch-up. Mobile apps have enabled companies to satisfy their customers’ demand for a more convenient, flexible and affordable purchasing process. There are infinite ways to grow your retail business. With the versatility of a mobile app, you’ll discover how consumers will identify with your brand on a more personal level and be inclined to choose you over your competitors. Please contact us for more information on Adastra’s mobile app development services.