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It’s true that, with the expansion of the digital instant messaging, we pay less attention to the spelling when we write. It’s common to think that we can manage to decide when to write properly and when ain’t necessary. But that is not 100% true. If we don’t take care of how we spell when writing emails, sms or on WhatsApp, we will probably get used to that way of communication. Consequently, we are going to commit mistakes when writing important texts such as CV’s, job searchs or business emails.

Paradoxically, technology gives us a problem but also many solutions. There are several apps which aim to impove the quality of our spelling.

Let’s take a look:

¿Cómo dice que dijo?

It consists in a web game that tests your spelling. Through a sequence of sentences you can assess your level in terms of spelling.

The game’s objective is to reach 41 points. Each point consists in a sentence with a missing word and two options to complete it. Choose the correct option to earn a point and continue to the next phrase. In general, they are tricky options, but you can learn a lot with the app and challenge your friends on social networks.

Tips to learn spanish in buenos aires

Come on and play it!

Tips de Ortografía (only for iOS)

In Spanish, there are a lot of grammar rules and it’s not easy to remember them all. Therefore, this app -with an attractive design and highly interactive- was thought to help you with those rules. It consists in a collection of 53 sets of rules, carefully classified into six categories:

  • When to use the written accent?
  • When to use the letter H?
  • B o V?
  • G o J?
  • C, Z o S?
  • LL o Y?

Each rule can be accessed in seconds and is described in a simple and short way with several examples, so that you can consult the app in any moment.

tips to learn spanish in buenos aires

94 Segundos

Challenge your knowledge, learn new words and challenge other players with this app. It’s a fun game in which you have 94 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. The app will ask you to name a mammal with C, a fruit with M, a sport with F, a vegetable with Z, etc. Additionally, the game automatically corrects any mistake made, so you will realize about them immediately.

tips to learn spanish in buenos aires

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