how to drink mate in Argentina

A Guide to Drinking Mate, Argentina’s Favorite Hot Beverage

Fads come and go, but mate is Argentina’s most traditional drink and it’s here to stay. We’ll teach you all about it: from a short history of mate and how to drink it, to...

Learn Spanish using Apps

It’s true that, with the expansion of the digital instant messaging, we pay less attention to the spelling when we write. It’s common to think that we can manage to decide when to write properly and when...
spanish adjectives

Spanish Adjectives Guide

In Spanish, adjectives follow the same rules as nouns do regarding gender and number. For example: El niño contento (The happy kid) → masculine singular adjective↓masculine singular noun Las niñas contentas (The happy girls) → feminine plural adjective↓feminine plural noun General...

A Guide to Argentina Cinema

In the recent years, the argentinian cinema suffered a progressive growth, not only in terms of audience number but also in quality and international recognition. This is not a coincidence: the 80′ generated the first batch of graduates...

Best Spanish tongue twisters

There are as many ways of teaching as there are ways of learning and practicing something new. At Vamos Academy they truly believe that having fun is a must when it comes to encouraging our students...

How to Recognize and Treat Traumatic Shock

Traumatic shock is caused by extreme blood loss resulting from a severe injury that makes it unable for the heart to pump enough blood throughout your body or severe anemia that causes there to...

4 Powerful Strategies to Help You Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Recruiters are vying to grab qualified candidates for their companies before any other company is able to. Certainly, it’s not an easy task as countless organizations fight for the same pool of talented candidates. A...

How to Establish your Business in Canada if you are a Non-Canadian?

Canada has emerged as a preferred country for Indians to immigrate owing to its growing economy and high living standards. From the time you land in Canada to the journey of settling down in...

Best 3 Jabra Headsets of 2020 in the USA for PC

Headsets are a vital part of a PC setup. They are the best choice for those who have extensive use of the internet and want to hear quality sound on Skype for business and...

Why Not To Visit Santiago de Chile

1 ) Santiago can be dangerous! I personally never felt under threat walking the streets of Santiago during the daytime hours. However, if walking alone at night, especially where I lived, downtown Compañía de Jesús,...