Adastra’s New Digital Receptionist App


Receptionists, whether in the lobby of the hotel or at a corporate office, have an array of responsibilities to carry out throughout the day. One of the most simple and mundane tasks assigned to them is that of greeting new visitors who arrive and pointing them in the direction they need to go. Organizations globally, have found numerous alternatives in alleviating these dull duties from receptionists, granting them time to accomplish more imperative tasks.

Adastra showcasing the virtual receptionist app on Pepper.

Adastra Corporation has developed a mobile application, that digitizes the guest service sign-in process. Visitors of corporate establishments will input their name, email address, phone number, and company into the tablet, and be asked whom they wish to contact. Following registration, an alert will be sent directly to the host, notifying them of their visitor’s arrival.

Adastra’s digital reception app benefits users in multiple ways:

Reduces wait times:

Chances are, if there is only one receptionist at the front desk, who is occupied at the time of your arrival, you’re going to wait. The wait time may be a few seconds, or a few minutes. Regardless, your time is delayed, inconveniencing you and the person you are waiting to meet. Our digital reception addresses the need for urgency, so you can arrive and check in at your pace.

Provides a seamless experience:

Our app requires no additional context of your visit. At point of entry, you’ll be asked for 5 simple answers and nothing more. As much as we appreciate human interaction, the majority would prefer efficiency over conversation. Adastra ensures a straightforward sign-process with minimum requirements.

Enhances security:

Adastra understands the importance of maintaining a safe corporate environment. The digital reception app ensures users’ information remains confidential and is stored in case of emergency. For instance, in a state of evacuation, all visitors are accounted for.

As previously stated, there are many who appreciate human interaction and verbal communication. At Adastra Corp, we’ve developed the perfect solution of implementing the functions of digital reception, in a humanized robot named Pepper. Programmed with a tablet, Pepper receives visitors by greeting and assisting them in the sign-in process. The robot’s friendly demeanor and vibrant personality enable visitors to feel welcomed, while she answers basic questions, providing an effortless experience.

Give your receptionists the time and capabilities to prioritize their tasks, without having to worry about the interruptions of guests. Your business will excite those who come to visit with Adastra’s revolutionary digital reception app and your new welcome host, Pepper.