Best Spanish tongue twisters


There are as many ways of teaching as there are ways of learning and practicing something new. At Vamos Academy they truly believe that having fun is a must when it comes to encouraging our students to learn Spanish: that’s why our classes are fun yet interesting and immersive!

We also believe that, in order to be a fluent Spanish speaker, you need to practice: you need to leave your comfort zone and start sharing what you’ve learnt with friends and other travelers! Once you have accomplished this -for sure- not-so-easy-to-accomplish step, you could keep challenging yourself by spicing your pronunciation up with these 10 Spanish tongue twisters!

Tongue twisters or trabalenguas in Spanish

These are excellent to practice pronunciation, quickness and clarity when speaking. Like any other exercise, they require time, patience, and willingness to learn! No frustration feelings accepted: keep in mind that you are learning! Enjoy!

1. “El vino vino, pero el vino no vino vino. El vino vino vinagre”.
Rough translation: Wine came, but it didn’t come as wine. The wine came as vinegar.

2. “Antonio con el moño dio su testimonio en otoño”.
Rough translation: Antonio testified in autumn with a bowtie.

3. “¿Cuánta madera roería un roedor si los roedores royeran madera?”
Rough translation: How much wood would a rodent gnaw, if rodents would gnaw wood?

4. “Jorge el cerrajero vende herrajes en la cerrajería”.
Rough translation: George the locksmith sells locks at the locksmith’s.

5. “Compré pocas copas,
pocas copas compré
y como compré pocas copas,
pocas copas pagué”.
Rough translation: I bought a few glasses, a few glasses I bought, as I only bought a few glasses I only payed for a few.

6. “Hoy ya es ayer
y ayer ya es hoy,
ya llegó el día,
y hoy es hoy”.
Rough translation: Today is already yesterday, and yesterday is today, the day has come and today is today.

7. “Erre con “erre” cigarro,
“erre” con “erre” barril.
Rápido corren los carros,
Sobre los rieles del ferrocarril”.
Rough translation: R with R cigar, R with R barrel. Quickly run the carriages on the rails of the railway.

8. “Cuando cuentes cuentos, cuenta cuantos cuentos cuentas porque si no cuentas los cuentos que cuentas no sabrás cuantos cuentos cuentas”.
Rough translation: When you tell tales, count how many tales you are telling, because if you don’t count the tales you are telling, you won’t know how many tales you are telling.

9. “Contigo entró un tren con trigo. Un tren con trigo contigo entró”.
Rough translation: A train with wheat entered with you, a train with wheat entered with you.

10. “De generación en generación las generaciones se degeneran con mayor degeneración”.
Rough translation: From generation to generation the generations degenerate with more degeneracy.