Best 5 Online Spanish Courses


As the new age of technology is constantly bringing us new and improved ways to learn, many people have begun to take advantage of learning online, and even more so now that we have found ourselves in times of self-isolation. Learning a language online is great for many reasons, as it gives the learner a much wider variety of useful tools, and is especially advantageous for those seeking to improve their conversational skills. Practicing speaking from day one is the absolute best way to be successful when learning a language, and apart from that, it will give you some entertainment and human interaction during quarantine. Not to mention, it is a great way to keep your brain exercised and active during these uncertain times of social distancing.

Why Learn Spanish Online?

Speaking Spanish is a skill and in order to master any skill, it must be practiced, and practiced as much as possible. Following the online route when learning Spanish gives you an edge that many people may not think about and that edge is connection with native speakers and teachers. When in contact with native teachers as opposed to non-native teachers you are much more likely to be compelled to actually use the language as it is much less likely to be able to revert back to your native language. In this article, I am going to talk about five of the best online resources that are out there to assist you on your journey to mastering the Spanish language. 

1. Online Spanish Classes at Vamos Spanish Academy

Vamos Spanish Academy is a wonderful language school and has been bringing high quality Spanish education to students from all over the world for more than ten years. It is located in the heart of Buenos Aires and Toronto and provides a one of a kind experience to those seeking to learn Spanish and acquire the skills they need to succeed in achieving fluency. Vamos Spanish Academy implements a unique learning system that focuses on conversation from day one. The courses that Vamos Academy offers aim to get students talking as soon as possible, while incorporating the necessary grammar into each class as well as the other three main language skills; reading, writing, and listening. This Spanish School in Toronto and Buenos Aires succeeds in providing its students with a tailor made curriculum, fun, and enjoyable that fits the needs of each student so as to ensure their success in gaining proficiency as soon as possible. Vamos successfully brings this same energy and interaction to their online classrooms. Do not hesitate to give them a try!

2. Busuu

Moving on to another very effective online resource to learn Spanish is an application called Busuu. Busuu includes comprehensive grammatical lessons like many other great language learning applications, but it also includes extensive audio files and reading/writing exercises to assist in the development of these equally important skills. One of the best tools that this product offers, that many other online learning apps do not, is the ability to get in contact and speak with other learners and/or native speakers in order to practice the most fundamental skill when learning a second language, and that is speaking. Busuu has proven to be one of the most user friendly and engaging apps there is when it comes to language learning applications and is highly recommended. 

3. Spanish School Bus

The Spanish School Bus application is one of the more unique Spanish language learning applications because it is geared toward children, which is why it has made the list. There are plenty of language education applications out there, but not many of them are apt for children, and those that are, are not very well made. Spanish School Bus offers plenty of colorful flashcards, games, and songs to help attract and appeal specifically to children. This learning platform helps to expand children’s world knowledge from a young age while strengthening their Spanish vocabulary. As you complete each level of the curriculum, you will unlock fun and exciting achievements and rewards which are great tools to keep the children engaged. This application surpasses just teaching Spanish grammar and vocabulary, but also aims to inspire a true passion for the beautiful language.

4. Spanish Gurus

Much like some of the other online resources that we have talked about in this article, Spanish Gurus is a virtual school that offers online Spanish classes. It follows the CEFR (Common European Framework) standards, and offers preparation for both DELE and SIELE, the only two international Spanish exams. They offer classes with native speakers from all over the world, so you have the ability to pick which type of accent you would like to study and from which cultural background you would like to be taught. Another big plus that Spanish Gurus offers is that all of the classes are recorded so that you have the option to refer back to them and study at any point in time. This also means that if you miss a class, you have the opportunity to make it up on your own time.

5. Rockalingua

Rockalingua is another fairly acceptable learning application that is directed at teaching children, although it can be useful for all ages of students if they have never studied before. As you may be able to tell from the title, Rockalingua focuses on teaching and engaging students through song and other videos. Rockalingua also provides worksheets and interactive games in order to cover help its students hone in on all four of the language abilities; speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Their music – based Spanish learning program offers a new take on language learning, and is proving to be more and more effective!All of the online language courses mentioned in this article are great ways to learn Spanish and take advantage of these difficult times of self-isolation. Whether you are an absolute beginner and are looking to pick up a new hobby, or you want to continue practicing you Spanish skills, all of these applications/course are a great way to start. All you have to do decide what your goals are and then analyze your options so that you can find the course that best fits your needs!