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Bayview Golf and Country Club

Discovering Bayview Golf and Country Club

In the last few years, golf has gained enormous popularity within Canada. Currently, there is an abundance of private golf clubs across the nation. According to Golf Canada – Canada’s golf governing body – there are at least 300,000 registered golfers. More than 2,000 golf facilities, of which 900 are nine-hole courses, making Canada the third largest golfing nation.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, if you are serious about golf, you’ll want to train and enhance your skills on a high-quality course that will enable you to thrive as a player.

However, the question now becomes… What makes a golf course rank in the top 100 or an example of superb course architecture?
Would it be the aesthetics, setting, history, location or the availability of extra social amenities?.

Bayview Golf and Country Club is located at Steeles & Leslie in Thornhill, and is a typical example of a modern and high-end golf course. Despite currently being ranked one of the best golf courses in the country, efforts are underway to further enhance the club’s facilities. In fact, there is an ongoing project focused on expanding the clubhouse, priced at USD 13 million dollars, and is expected to be complete by late July. This is a tremendous move by the club, and it reflects Bayview’s continued persistence in striving for the best, so members are always receiving the best in club culture.

Bayview Golf and Country Club

The new aquatic complex will be 13,300 sq. ft. and feature family dining, splash pools, as well as host of relaxation rooms.

There is fierce competition for new members among golf clubs. However, they are not only competing amongst themselves, but are equally contending against other sporting activities, and social activities. Furthermore, country clubs are seeing greater interest from families. Consequently, many golf clubs in downtown Toronto must incorporate more social amenities into their clubhouses, including, tennis courts, pools, fitness centers and golf simulators in order to keep them interested. At Bayview, the new fitness centers feature elegant studio space, which allows for a variety of fitness classes, workshops and wellness therapies. According to Bayview’s management team, the fitness experts are focused on offering unique programming, advice, and instructions, which will allow Bayview members in achieving their wellness and fitness objectives. In addition, there are a variety of social activities, so both children and adults are never bored!

It is imperative to note that despite already being a year-round facility, Bayview is also investing in the following additional amenities:

• A new 4,000 sq. ft. fitness center that overlooks the pool, is fully equipped with high-end equipment and contains a designated 1,000 sq. ft. space for special programs and classes.

• A fantastic 13,300 sq. ft. complex for swimming, featuring a kids splash pool, a central swimming pool, as well as resort-style decks, ideal for sun bathing.

• A resort-style, poolside dining patio.

• Brand new HD golf simulators for year-round social play, practicing and coaching.

• Renovated banquet facility and meeting rooms.

According to Bayview’s President, Stuart Auld, the golf club is moving in the right direction.


After carefully examining nearly every club in Toronto, we recognize that Bayview is at another level. First, its strategically located on the main highways and the city center. Secondly, Bayview is a four season golf club, offering lots of diverse programs. Finally, the club is currently ranked among the top 100 best golf courses in Canada. All of these factors suggest that Bayview is a legitimate competitor against other golf clubs, especially those lacking in many of the facilities that Bayview possesses.

As Mr. AuLd says, “the issue of location is vital. A significant number of Bayview members are employed in downtown Toronto and the club location makeS it easy for members to access the club quickly, no one wants to spend time in traffic!”

What does President Auld have to say about the clubhouse expansion?

Mr. Auld agrees that, the issue of accessibility has become a decisive factor for residents of Toronto. This gives them the opportunity to reach the golf club without spending hours in traffic.

Joe Coleman, Bayview’s General Manager, describe Bayview as an oasis located in the center of the city.


The golf club can adequately cater to all of the needs and wants of its members and as such, has become an integral part of their everyday life. Year-round, members can play, relax and entertain themselves at the course, together with their kids and friends. Thanks to the new state-of-the-art facilities, membership at the club has significantly increased. Hopefully, the club will continue to attract greater families.

Although features like new facilities, attractive Tennis and Curling programs can be used to entice potential new members, the golf course will always remain the main feature. An excellent golf course is typically the product of the course architect, why integrates his scientific knowledge, intelligence, artistic creativity and golf acumen into the landscape. Bayview was crafted by Robinson Robbie, a renowned Hall of Fame course architect. Bayview was opened in 1960 and maintained a a world-class layout within a beautiful and natural setting, which was characterized by a gently rolling terrain large trees and a hugely contoured vegetation, encircled by bunkers. Together, these features make Bayview the perfect club for people seeking for a family refuge from the city.

Bayview’s excellent playing conditions are a result of sustainable and responsible, grounds maintenance, whicg allow the golf course to be in harmony with the unfading beauty of the region. All these features have made Bayview a perennial host of many amateur and professional tournaments.

Recently, a renowned golf course designer, Carrick Doug, renovated Bayview’s Golf course, enhancing its beauty even further. 

Bayview golf club is more than just a world class course It has set a standard in the industry because of its high-end facilities, excellent service and long standing reputation. It has all the necessary requirements that any golf member would want.

A key consideration for joining any private club understanding the cost. Bayview, in particular, is making it relatively easier for new prospective members to join Until July 31. New members will be able to join at half the regular entrance fees. In addition, the club of highly flexible payment alternatives and trial memberships.

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