A Guide to Argentina Cinema


In the recent years, the argentinian cinema suffered a progressive growth, not only in terms of audience number but also in quality and international recognition. This is not a coincidence: the 80′ generated the first batch of graduates of the new film schools created years before.

Watching movies in Spanish (with subtitles in English, according to the Spanish level you have) is a good exercise to practice what you are learning on your Spanish classes and also a very good way to learn about Argentina, as the art of a country reflects its culture and idiosyncrasy.

Below we recommend you some good argentinian films of different genres. Of course we would need many pages to name them all, so be welcome to continue googling on your own.

El Aura
Psychological thriller from 2005

Directed by Fabián Bielinsky, the movie revolves around an epileptic taxidermist who fantasizes about committing crimes. While hunting in the Patagonia, his fantasies come true: he finally commits one and finds out that he is actually a real criminal. The film has a remarkable technical and acting level, with the main character played by Ricardo Darín.

Esperando la carroza
Comedy from 1985

It’s a cult film that belongs to the criollo grotesque (costumbrismo) genre and counts with great actors of the argentinian theater such as Luis Brandoni, China Zorrilla, Betiana Blum and Antonio Gasalla. The movie is a typical comedy full of situations and confusions among a family in the granfmother’s funeral, who had supposedly committed suicide by jumping onto the tracks of a train.

Nueve Reinas
Thriller/drama from 2000

As El Aura, it’s directed by Fabián Bielinsky and it’s a masterpiece in the argentinian cinematography. The film tells the story about two scammers who meet by chance and decide to work together on a one-time opportunity. The film, wonderfully played by Ricardo Darín and Gastón Pauls, will lead the spectator to enjoy an unexpected ending. Nueve Reinas won many national and international awards.

Pizza, birra, faso
Crime/drama from 1998

The movie, shot in 1998 with a very low budget, was a big success that boosted the argentinian’s film industry. On the movie, a group of friends work stealing from taxi passengers, in association with the taxi driver. They decide to start planning their own robberies, but the group will rapidly realize that they are not well-prepared. One of the youths is going to have a child and therefore needs money to start a new life. They finally plan one last robbery, but things don’t go as planned…

La Ciénaga
Drama from 2001

Awarded in several countries and co-produced with Spain and France, the film tells about two families, a urban middle class one and a rural producers one. They share a summer in a village where nothing happens, in Salta province. But two accidents will make these two groups try to survive a terrible summer.

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This is just a pinch! Argentinian cinema has a lot of hues, genres and styles. Talk to us if you are interested in knowing more about it. And have a look at Cine Argentino to watch films, documentaries and short films for free.