Are you afraid to hire a mover for the relocation? Many people are not interested in hiring packers and movers for their shifting because people think, there is no security offered by them and also they are not sure that their goods and items will be reached safely. The only thing that will satisfy you about the mover is a “tariff”.

If the moving company has a tariff, then you feel relaxed about your goods and relocation. A tariff is a type of proof that the moving company is secure, and if any damage occurs, they are responsible for that. If you are moving household goods from one state to another, then you must hire that moving company which has a proof of a moving tariff licensed to them.

Now, you should know what exactly is a Tariff!

A tariff is a kind of document that includes all of a moving company’s rates, charges, and service terms for moving a customer’s household ownership. It is the type of legal license that provides reliability to the customer. The moving company only offers that fees which is described in the Tariff, they don’t offer you any extra charges out of the Tariff.

Every mover must have evidence of a moving tariff licensed to them if they are moving household goods and items from State to State. It is a legal contract that provides to the customers with relevant information of a moving company’s fees and the rules and regulations throughout doing business with them.

Here are Some 9 hidden moving charges and additional fee that movers will offer you :

Extra Packing costs:

Your moving company will charge extra packing cost if you didn’t get a chance to pack your items before they arrived fully.

Charge additional Supply costs:

Some movers and packers will charge additional fees for the use of extra supplies, which includes extra boxes or packing materials like bubble sheet to safe the glasses items.

Insurance plans:
You must look to the Tariff for all the charges which are applied by the moving company and also for various insurance plans offered by them. The charges can be added because of the insurance plans.

Moving conditions cost:

There can be an added fee if your mover’s staff member is doing some extra moving task or if there is some other factor that makes their work more difficult to get your belongings item out from your old house into the moving truck.

Any Storage fee:
If you need to store your items and goods along with your move, then you must check the Tariff to see whether there is an extra fee charged for storage, if yes then how much it costs.

Long carry fee:
Sometimes the moving company will charge extra if their truck is not parked at a certain distance from your home front door for loading or unloading it.

Multiple stops charges:
Your moving company can apply extra charges to stop at an additional location. If you need to stay for a while for your personal work, it may be possible that they add some extra fee.

Disposal fee or environmental charges:
Some moving companies claim to add extra fees like environmental charges or disposal fee that will cover the expenses about the safe disposal of the used packaging materials like bubble wrap, packing paper and moving boxes etc

Fee-related to another potential:
You must read the moving Tariff very carefully to make sure that you know all the additional fee and later don’t face any difficulties. Make sure that you notice that charge in the tariff- cancellation fees, fuel charges, and also additional fees for items that are difficult to move as well as other charges that may not be listed in the Tariff.

You must know some facts about your moving company and its Tariff:

You must notice that it should be State to state moving costs with Per pound or Per Cubic Foot
What the Price of shuttle moving services?
Is there any Location charges? If yes then how much
Calculate the accessories fees
You should know the exact price of the packing materials
Is there are any charges of Additional stops?
Delivery time schedules of the Moving company
The Price of a hoist
Notice the Price of bulk articles

In how many ways Penalties will apply for Tariff Violations?

The penalties for tariff violations come out in two ways which are as following:
If the company will overcharge for its services according to Tariff, or it will undercharge.
If charges fees of any company doesn’t match the rate in their Tariff will be ready for the penalties.

So in the end, if you want to hire movers and packers, then you must check whether the company has Tariff or not. You must select the Tariff moving company for your safe and smooth relocation.