6 Ways To Find Accommodation in Buenos Aires Argentina


How to Find Affordable Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Moving to a new City is daunting. It doesn’t matter if it is in your home country or hundreds of miles across the world. Not only moving but even staying somewhere new brings up numerous unanswered questions. You don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for your stay. On top of all that not being able to speak the native language makes the whole process extremely intimidating. Well, what do you need to sort out before arriving in Buenos Aires and what are the accommodation options that best suit you?  

Here are some useful things to know before and upon your arrival to help you sort out where you’re staying:

Before Arriving to Buenos Aires

Before you arrive you need to sort out some form of accommodation, not only will you be asked where you’re staying coming through immigration but the hassle of trying to find somewhere with all your bags isn’t an ideal option. I would suggest you either book into a hostel or book an Airbnb temporarily.  

Buenos Aires Hostels

Hostels are perfect for short term stays and if you are travelling by yourself. There are plenty of decent hostels in Buenos Aires. Although, I wouldn’t take this option if you are staying for a long period of time. Whilst they are great to meet people, you need to remember that lots of people staying there do not have any serious commitments. Thus, when you try to get an early night ready for your 9 am start the next day some of them may only just be getting ready to head on out. I put together a list of hostels that I would recommend. The ones near Palermo and Recoleta are much more chilled and relaxed. For those of you that want to party and be in the City centre then head to Millhouse.
Here is my list of the Best 10 Hostels in Buenos Aires. Keep in mind that sometimes Business Directories could also be a good alternative for finding small hostels.  


Airbnb Buenos Aires

Airbnb, this is what I did when I first arrived here. There are a surplus amounts of airbnbs in Buenos Aires and a large price range. You will be sure to find something that suits your needs with regard to price, location and size. Airbnb’s are perfect for those of you staying longer than a week but not long enough to contract an apartment. Or if you don’t fancy slumming it in a hostel you will find some great one man options. They are also ideal if there is more than one of you, I know lots of people that have rented them as a group to give them the most comfortable stay here in BA and for a similar price to hostels.
When I first arrived in Buenos Aires wanted to be in Palermo next to Recoleta so I found this great Apartment: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/4261845

Renting from an Argentine

One thing that I wished I had known before I came out here was that in Buenos Aires to contract an apartment for over 3 months you need a guarantor. The guarantor needs to not only live in Buenos Aires but have a property here in Buenos Aires. This proved a nightmare when my friend and I were searching for apartments on the main real estate websites. I can’t imagine that many of you will have such a contact! So, what are your options?

Craigslist Buenos Aires

Craigslist is a great website to help you find an apartment, whilst its layout isn’t the best and some of the houses advertised may be outdated it is definitely worth scrolling through. For those of you that are here solo I would recommend looking for a room in a house. This not only means you are not living by yourself but it is a great way to meet new people! The house is likely to be full of a range of nationalities including Argentinian. So, not only will you be meeting new people but you will also have to practice your spanish! This option will nearly always be your cheapest too. Alongside finding rooms in shared houses you can also look for available apartments and houses to rent. These are all usually priced monthly. Prices range but on average a room in a shared property is $7000 ARS per month. It’s worth looking around the properties before you move in, hence why temporary accommodation is more preferable at the beginning.

Short Terms Contracts using an Inmobiliaria

Online and at realtors you will find that you can sign short-term 3 month contracts for apartments and houses here. This will not be the cheapest option but is doable. This option will also require a decent level of spanish to discuss what exactly you are looking for and discussing the contract options. A really good local realtor is Inmobiliaria Metropolis. Romina Rumi is responsible for the Recoleta office and she speaks perfect English http://www.metropolisgroup.com.ar

Using a Spanish School in Buenos Aires

Vamos Spanish Academy is always going to lend you a hand to sort out whichever option you have chosen. They can organise a Homestay accommodation with or without meals. This Spanish School located in Palermo have various homestays in Buenos Aires. They constantly check up their stays and keep into contact with the homeowners to make sure that they reach your standards. This is a fantastic option for immersing into the local culture and for learning spanish, because you will be living with an Argentinian. They have two options with regard to our homestays. You can either have breakfast and dinner included in the price or you can simply choose to have only accommodation. If this option interests you then all you need to do is email before you arrive and we will sort everything out for you including picking you up from the airport!

There are various options regarding Accommodation in Buenos Aires and before you arrive have a think about which option best suits you. Temporary accommodation for a few weeks is always a good shout because it means you can view the properties yourself before you sign onto something you may not want!

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