4 Powerful Strategies to Help You Speed Up Your Hiring Process



Recruiters are vying to grab qualified candidates for their companies before any other company is able to. Certainly, it’s not an easy task as countless organizations fight for the same pool of talented candidates.

A study has found that 15% of candidates who have a positive hiring experience are likely to focus more on their jobs. A quick and smooth recruiting process can provide a great candidate experience as well.

Here are some powerful strategies that can help you hire top talent quickly.
Look for Quick Ways to Source Candidates

To source enough qualified candidates for your open jobs, you should look for them in multiple places.

Here are a few ways that can help you source candidates quickly:

Paid advertisements: If you have a large enough budget then you can run paid ad campaigns to advertise your vacant job positions. This can help you raise awareness about your job openings, build your employer brand, and attract some promising applicants.

Source via social media: You can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to post job ads. These networks can help you reach more candidates in less time.

Leverage social meetups: Events like industry meetings and gatherings can provide you with some potential candidates for your open jobs.
Audit internal talent: You can save your time by promoting your existing qualified employees to relevant, higher positions that are vacant.

Use Automated Screening

Leveraging automated screening can help you scan job descriptions as well as the information from your candidates’ resumes. This can help you reduce the time that recruiters spend on the screening process. You can select qualified candidates faster with automated screening.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a cutting-edge technology that can help you reduce the time to hire qualified candidates. It enables you to process complex data, resolve resume problems easily, and improve communication with applicants.
Build a Referral System

You can connect with your experienced employees and ask them to recommend suitable candidates for vacant job positions. This can help you reduce your time-to-hire and provide you with ideal and reliable candidates.

Most of the companies reward employees with incentives and gifts if their referred candidates get hired. Offering incentives can encourage and motivate your employees to refer more suitable candidates.